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Officially Spring 2016

  How did you welcome the official start of the Spring season where you are at? Me? I took a low of pictures. Like this: Yep, we have a lot of blossoms and blooms now here in Northcentral Texas! This photo I have taken is just one of those and I am going to be …Continue reading

The best piano for beginners

  When I was looking for a piano for my aspiring pianist a couple years ago, a good friend of ours who is a piano teacher herself but is based in Las Vegas has sent me a link of the best pianos so I can choose for myself which one to get. This, apparently, was …Continue reading

Bouquet of Pink Roses

  Don’t you just love this beautiful roses? Brought this home with me from work last Christmas when my patient decided to give this out to me. Thankful, I initially refused because I was afraid it might be against the protocol for hospital staff to accept tokens from our patients but after her insistence and …Continue reading

Cabinet Makeover

  We still haven’t really decided if we will go on with our initial plan of doing a cabinet makeover in the Spring. We could make use of these 5 foot drawer slides that are on sale right now but we will see. With our hectic schedules, I can not see ourselves engaging in a …Continue reading

A class ring

  Graduation in a student’s life always marks a great achievement and success. After the long years of working so hard for the classes in order to pass and more importantly, learn and be equipped for the next and higher step in life, it is nice to gift someone something that will truly make their …Continue reading

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