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Pink and Purple Hyacinths

  Next week is my birthday. I was asked what I want but I really don’t care of material things. I am not the type that would eagerly tell you what I would want because I feel like I am obliging someone to get me this. I know it is weird but that’s just me. …Continue reading

Spring Break

  This week continues for a break of the Music class including piano and handbell lessons for my daughter as their Teacher is still on a spring break trip which is a mission trip to India. Having said that, my daughter is enjoying her two weeks of break from everything music. However, it didn’t stop …Continue reading

Blooming Orchid

  Today, on the last day of the first month of the year, my almost 1-year-old orchid is blooming like crazy! Oh I am one happy flower-lover! This orchid was a birthday gift to me from ate Cha last year. I don’t mind receiving one again this year, on the same occasion, in March. Lol. …Continue reading

A New Tuner for my Daughter

  My daughter could really make use of a new music tuner right now. The husband has actually tasked me to buy one for her because she is thrilled these days to be playing the guitar with her Daddy. Oh, they sound so beautiful together when they play one song that I love to sing. …Continue reading

Orange Pine tree

  I am a lover for nature. Whenever I see something of unusual color, I appreciate it right away and feel oh so fascinated by it. This orange pine tree is no exception. The fact that this tree just stands in front of our house across the street, I don’t have any reason not to …Continue reading

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