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Persimmons in September

  I disclose that this photo I am using in this post is not my capture but that of a friend whose hobby is photography. She came for a walk this morning bringing her camera with her with an intention that she wants to check out our organic backyard and find for interesting subject for …Continue reading

Nashville Guitars

  A month ago, we took a trip to Tennessee. Nashville was one of the cities we stopped by at and yes, I saw that guitar center store with all the guitars displayed which I am sure were candies to my husband’s and daughter’s eyes. The two of them are into guitars. My husband has …Continue reading

Sweet Potato Blossom

  Our organic backyard has turned into abundance with all the plenty of vegetables there are that we can harvest and can be made into something edible for our mouth and tummy. All I can say is, thank God for a very hardworking husband with an absolute green thumb! One of my favorites is the …Continue reading

Fender Electric Guitars

  When my daughter has expressed her interest in learning to play an electric guitar, I was a little surprised. I mean, I am not ready to buy those Best MF strat pickguards or any electric guitar props and accessories for that matter because we already have enough musical instruments here at home. Our acoustic …Continue reading

Pink and Purple Hyacinths

  Next week is my birthday. I was asked what I want but I really don’t care of material things. I am not the type that would eagerly tell you what I would want because I feel like I am obliging someone to get me this. I know it is weird but that’s just me. …Continue reading

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