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Buying Music Instruments Online

  Have you experienced buying music instruments online? I am sure you know a music online store or two that you can recommend. I have actually purchased our guitars online because of a really good deal that I was offered and I am just glad that my husband, who is the one that plays the …Continue reading

Green Living (and Pink)

  I captioned this collage “You can’t beat green living like this!” Indeed, you can’t!  See, we are living in Texas now and this is what we can have? And even more that aren’t shown in this collage actually! We have green beans, asparagus, sweet potatoes, lemons, and a lot more. It is like just …Continue reading

Yellow-Flowered Cactus

  Our Las Vegas stay so far have been wonderful! This is one of the beautiful sight to see at my in-law’s front yard: well taken-cared of Las Vegas cactus. Isn’t that pretty?  It is my first time to see this cactus blooming with a truly beautiful flower. And yes, I want to take some …Continue reading

Officially Spring 2016

  How did you welcome the official start of the Spring season where you are at? Me? I took a low of pictures. Like this: Yep, we have a lot of blossoms and blooms now here in Northcentral Texas! This photo I have taken is just one of those and I am going to be …Continue reading

The best piano for beginners

  When I was looking for a piano for my aspiring pianist a couple years ago, a good friend of ours who is a piano teacher herself but is based in Las Vegas has sent me a link of the best pianos so I can choose for myself which one to get. This, apparently, was …Continue reading

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