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18/365 BPC: Off to Milwaukee, WI


I took a photo of the afternoon western sky yesterday as I went out and about in the cold. I had errands to run and the husband and I have to go somewhere with the kids in tow and grocery shopping ended our day out. It wasn’t fun braving the super cold temperature, only 3 degrees Fahrenheit plus some wind. I regretted and blamed no other but myself for being too stubborn. I didn’t bring with me a hat nor a glove. I know, right? I thought that it was just bearable. I made sure I bundled up my kids though so I was the only one suffering. LOL.

Anyway, the western sky was so beautiful and marvelous! I love looking at it that walking for several tens of feet from the door of where we went to to the car parked wasn’t so tough at all because I focused my eyes on the beautiful scene up in the sky!

 photo 119_zpsc2b6499e.jpg

The Central WI western sky 01.17.12

Today, we’re off to Milwaukee for our biometrics. It won’t be fun braving the cold but it will be exciting being on the road again with my always awesome housemates! Praying for safe travels to Milwaukee and back! I’ll see and approve your comments tonight! 🙂

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