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Pink and Purple Hyacinths


Next week is my birthday. I was asked what I want but I really don’t care of material things. I am not the type that would eagerly tell you what I would want because I feel like I am obliging someone to get me this. I know it is weird but that’s just me. I am already happy seeing my yard with blooming Spring flowers which my husband planted last Fall because for him, he would rather plant all those beauties for me to enjoy every day than buying a bouquet or a vase of good-for-one-week-only blooms.

Right now, this is one of the blooms I am enjoying so much in our front yard: Pink and purple hyacinths.

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And yes, they are not only beautiful but also very good-smelling.

So on my birthday, I would rather receive a live plant or flower. Only though if you’re thinking of giving me any. Lol.

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