My shutter's take on nature, places, faces, and anything worth beholding!

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Welcome to My Captures: Stillness of Time. Frozen Memories!

RAReD Photography

The Shutterbug!

RAReD is an acronym of the author’s full name and that serves as the copyright name of everything published in this page.

 I find solace and beauty in many of the things around me, especially those that are left unnoticed, and so, I take chances every time I see something worth clicking.

I am but an amateur photographer. I have not updated myself yet to owning a DSLR, but someday, I will. For now, all my captures that I’m sharing are from the current Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera and from my iPad mini. They are simple snaps; some are edited, others are raw. Nonetheless, I hope you find pleasure in looking at them as much as I do.

Thanks and please come back!