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Orange Pine tree

  I am a lover for nature. Whenever I see something of unusual color, I appreciate it right away and feel oh so fascinated by it. This orange pine tree is no exception. The fact that this tree just stands in front of our house across the street, I don’t have any reason not to …Continue reading

Mesa Boogie

  Anyone that plays the musical instrument guitar be it acoustic or electric knows what a mesa boogie triple rectifier tube is. Well, I don’t, and so when the daughter asked me what it is, I had to look it up online. Which is a good thing as I was able to learn so much …Continue reading

Hello December!!!

  Yes– where did all those eleven months go? It is already the last month of the year; can you believe that? Well, here’s a “Hello December” pose from my two darlings: Yes, months come and go. Weeks say hello and bid goodbye. Days happen so quickly. Hours turn to minutes. Minutes turn to seconds. …Continue reading

Musical Gifts

  There is a private reserve page for music-related gifts that you might find relevant as you think of gifting ideas for the holidays. I sure find it very beneficial myself because most children that I want to give gifts to for Christmas are musically inclined. It’s either they are singers or they play one …Continue reading

18 Years

Today is a day I cherish so much because it is the day that I became an orphan without a father. Today is the day when my Papa took his very last breath. Today is a memory etched in my heart forever. Today, 18 years ago, I cried because of losing him. I think of …Continue reading

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