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Musical Gifts

  There is a private reserve page for music-related gifts that you might find relevant as you think of gifting ideas for the holidays. I sure find it very beneficial myself because most children that I want to give gifts to for Christmas are musically inclined. It’s either they are singers or they play one …Continue reading

18 Years

Today is a day I cherish so much because it is the day that I became an orphan without a father. Today is the day when my Papa took his very last breath. Today is a memory etched in my heart forever. Today, 18 years ago, I cried because of losing him. I think of …Continue reading

Cherry Epiphone

  Have you seen and heard a double neck guitar bass being played? Man, it is so cool! A friend of ours who is so musically inclined show us one of his instruments and it was a cherry epiphone double neck electric guitar. He is a member of a university band and they play regularly …Continue reading

Buying Music Instruments Online

  Have you experienced buying music instruments online? I am sure you know a music online store or two that you can recommend. I have actually purchased our guitars online because of a really good deal that I was offered and I am just glad that my husband, who is the one that plays the …Continue reading

Green Living (and Pink)

  I captioned this collage “You can’t beat green living like this!” Indeed, you can’t!  See, we are living in Texas now and this is what we can have? And even more that aren’t shown in this collage actually! We have green beans, asparagus, sweet potatoes, lemons, and a lot more. It is like just …Continue reading

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