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Hello December!!!

  Yes– where did all those eleven months go? It is already the last month of the year; can you believe that? Well, here’s a “Hello December” pose from my two darlings: Yes, months come and go. Weeks say hello and bid goodbye. Days happen so quickly. Hours turn to minutes. Minutes turn to seconds. …Continue reading

Musical Gifts

  There is a private reserve page for music-related gifts that you might find relevant as you think of gifting ideas for the holidays. I sure find it very beneficial myself because most children that I want to give gifts to for Christmas are musically inclined. It’s either they are singers or they play one …Continue reading

18 Years

Today is a day I cherish so much because it is the day that I became an orphan without a father. Today is the day when my Papa took his very last breath. Today is a memory etched in my heart forever. Today, 18 years ago, I cried because of losing him. I think of …Continue reading

Cherry Epiphone

  Have you seen and heard a double neck guitar bass being played? Man, it is so cool! A friend of ours who is so musically inclined show us one of his instruments and it was a cherry epiphone double neck electric guitar. He is a member of a university band and they play regularly …Continue reading

Buying Music Instruments Online

  Have you experienced buying music instruments online? I am sure you know a music online store or two that you can recommend. I have actually purchased our guitars online because of a really good deal that I was offered and I am just glad that my husband, who is the one that plays the …Continue reading

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